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Branding @ 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards

For many people watching the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards they watched a great organized show with the most famous and popular people of that moment. For me, I watch the show and am amazed by all the different brands that artist put on this evening. it is literally the cradle of artist branding. Off course, with a few it is coincidence call it "their own style" but with most it is very well thought out and mandatory to stand out.


Silk Sonic: The way they integrate the James Brown feel and all the other cool elements of Soul, R&B, Rock and HipHop/Rap. I'd like to say it's almost perfect but that's an understatement it's perfect!

Everything from the clothes to de cover art to the chords are on point. Not only with this performance at the @ 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards but with the whole Silk Sonic brand.

The way they introduced themself, the way they create their music and the way they present themself. With this Silk Sonic brand I can say with 100% conviction that it started out of passion and it is their own style. You feel that, you see that and you hear that. And that's what branding is about. If you look at this from the "business side" it's easy to understand for everyone, it's always the same. meaning: People can rely on it and know what to expect. So in terms of branding, this is a ten out of ten.

Putting the Silk Sonic brand in 2022 it's actually an "old approach" that suits

the style of music. Although Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak innovated the style like crazy! Over the last couple of years I noticed that artists took more of the "normal but a little crazy or different" approach instead of everything from A to Z adapted to the brand and seem absolutely not "normal". This seems to be changing again and it may again be the Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga approach. This is fairly similar to the Silk Sonic approach.

If you, as a novice or advanced artist, don't know what your brand is, I might be able to help you with that. Together we will look for your brand. Perhaps you already have music or a logo or just an idea. I can turn any starting point into your personal brand without losing sight of who you really are. Whether you live in Amsterdam or on the other side of the world, it's always a good time to start.



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